Small Scale Biomass Heating

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Worldwide more than 75% of all biomass is used for cooking and in small-scale heating devices (for space and water heating). This fact sheet has been produced to give an overview of various biomass heating systems below 100 kW, and their potential beneficial applications.

In many regions globally people are using old or outdated equipment with low energy conversion efficiency that can result in relatively high emissions. Yet, in the last decade, significant improvements in the technology of small-scale biomass combustion have been achieved. These improvements concern the preparation of the biomass fuel as well as the com- bustion technology, resulting in high efficiencies and a reduction of emissions by more than 90% as compared to the old equipment.

This fact sheet will provide information about the basics of biomass fuels, biomass combustion, new small scale biomass combustion technologies and the huge market for small scale biomass heat.

It is also intended to send a strong message to national governments globally to implement programs or incentives, to replace fossil fuels with biomass within the small scale heating market. Replacing fossil fuels has become specifically im- portant for the future of global bioenergy policy, due to the fact that not only the heat market is the largest sector of final energy demand, but that biomass can offer a cost competitive solution.